Wordapodia, Volume One






Some folks come from a long line of lawyers, doctors or politicians. Some come from more honorable professions. Matt comes from a family of compulsive punsters, and shares this gift of inspired (as opposed to perspired) word play to a whole new level.


Noted wordsmith and self-described Verbivore Richard Lederer is a best-selling humorist who gave Wordapodia his very high praise.


Matt Goldberg is a guy-ser of words that don't exist but should to describe the hiterto indescribable. In Wordapodia, Goldberg reveals himself as a reincarnation of Lewis Carroll and Groucho Marx. What fun to have a genius of words and a genius of comedy inhabit the same body.

 — Richard Lederer, best-selling author of the Anguished English series



WORDAPODIA is not the first satiric dictionary/encyclopedia and it won’t be the last. It is one of the very best, and makes the perfect gift for friends, family members, clients and employees alike—provided they enjoy laughing, smiling and thinking just a little bit.


A Wordapod—Matt’s creation—is a real fake word or multi-word entry designed to entertain, inform, surprise and, well…you get the idea.


There are more than 250 Wordapods to be found and they feature a motley brew of new words, fun facts, observations, Top Ten lists, and interviews. Collectively, Wordapodia parodies the worlds of academia, anthropology, the arts, food, history, love and sex, mythology, politics, recreation, religion and zoology.


Oh, yes—there is even a special section of Baseball Wordapods for fellow lovers of our enduring national pastime.


You may have even encountered some Wordapods if you have ever suffered from carpool tunnel syndrome, or had a favorite dog conk out due to barkolepsy. Perhaps, you are feeling a strange hankering for some good old-fashioned Talibanjo music right now.


But whether or not you’ve ever gone to a boredello for a good night’s sleep, or been involved in a hit-and-shun accident, WORDAPODIA, VOLUME ONE will introduce you to over 250 real fake words and phrases to learn and master.


You will also meet a fascinating array of real fake people, including:

  • Vegestarian Mars Greensman
  • Pastafari Scholar, Tosh Kingsmon
  • Baseball fan and original boob bird Clara Heatley






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