POUCH POTATO – The Wednesday Wordapod

What would YOU call a marsupial that lazes around all day?

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Pouch Potato


Pouch Potato (n) slang for certain marsupials that seem to do nothing but lie around all day in the Australian bushes. Sometimes known as pouch tomato.


Sample Sentence:  Because Matilda was taking a short nap, Rob, the judgmental young zoologist, mistakenly took her (a normally industrious kangaroo) to be just another pouch potato.


Who Knew…?

Enter Sheila Goolagong, Australia’s most famous marsupiologist. “Why do people think that most marsupials are pouch potatoes? There are over 140 species of marsupials indigenous to Australia, and almost none of them are as lazy as human beings. We have boxing kangaroos, digging koalas, fearsome wombats, numbats and bandicoots, and acrobatic bilbies. I challenge you to find any of them just lounging around and watching the telly. Never happens on my watch. Never.”



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