RESOFENESATRATION – Wednesday’s Wordapod

Are you hanging in there with your 2014 resolutions, or have you already engaged in some resofenestration? Read on for an explanation, and an argument with one of my alter(ed) egos.


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Resofenestration (n) – the act of throwing New Year’s reolutions out the window – often by the end of January.



Sample Sentence:  After eating lots of junk food while drinking, smoking and cursing, Jeremy engaged in the tried-and-true practice of resofenestration.



Who Knew…?


I discussed this new word with my friend and semantician, the one and only Edwin Eggnut.


Matt:   So, what can you tell me about “resofenestration?”


Edwin:  It’s a great new word…


Matt:   Thank you.  Oh, sorry, we’re role playing here.


Edwin: Yes, it’s a fun portmanteau blending resolutions and defenestration. 


Matt:    A portman-who?



Edwin:  A portmanteau. You know, the French word for parts of two words that combine to make a neologism.


Matt:   A neo-what-ism?


Edwin:   Log.


Matt:    Oh, is that what you call these?


Edwin:   Wait a second. I thought you knew what you were doing. A prominent author on the back cover of your book even called you a “genius of words” and…


Matt:   So what? I just make them up; let others name and classify them.


Edwin:   I’m leaving, you fraud. How can you not even know the formal names for what you’ve put into your book?


Matt:    Excuse me, Eggnut. I invented you. And I can make you vanish into thin air like a fart in the…


Edwin:   See you soon.


Matt:    Happy New Year, man.



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