RESOLUTIONS – The 2014 Edition

As I write, 2014 is still that proverbial blank page to be filled in, and my last chance to attack 2013 as a writer is also very open.


This morning, around 4 am – a time when I usually either first get up or go to sleep – I started thinking about my resolutions, and how irresolute I’ve been all year, and for many years now.

Two Book Crossover 11.13


During an insomniac’s trip to the bathroom, I flipped open a page from my book, “All That Twitters is not Goldberg: Truthful Humor from a Vindicated Columnist” and found my list of resolutions for 2008. To my chagrin, if not surprise, I found that many of those same resolutions are still unfulfilled today. Consistency in this respect is not such a good thing.


So this year, I’m keeping my resolutions very short. And fairly serious. The main idea: At this time next year, I want to feel much better about myself financially, spiritually, career-wise and physically. That about covers it.


I wish the same for everyone else. If you’re thriving now, keep it going; if not, may you find the right path to optimize your life and to also be an inspiration to others.


See how simple all of this is; in my own case, it’s just the details and those twin fears of both success and failure that tend to get in the way.


The key here is to find balance in many ways:

  • between my various highs and lows
  • between “work” and “play”
  • between my own (selfish?) goals and the goals of my family, and friends


As a creative writer, thinker and speaker, I also want to find that balance between communing with my own world and sharing it with my readers and audience. I have always contended that much as it’s “about the audience”, it’s also about the writer/speaker.


Would you want to read or listen to someone who had no self-awareness or vision? By the same token, would you want to read or listen to someone that had no appreciation for the interests and needs of his audience?


As I write and ponder, I’m pleased with most of what I’ve written (towards books, blogs, speeches and occasional writing for others, but greatly dissatisfied with what I’ve realized (other than intrinsically) from those efforts. Frankly, I have multi-million dollar ideas and the talent to execute them, but am putting myself and my family into near-poverty as I am still feeling my way toward fulfilling them.


Whose fault is this? Mine. While it’s well past time, it is also a very good time to find the ideal confluence of my interests, passions and skills. This vision is coming…but it won’t happen magically; may it come soon to give me the direction and momentum I truly need to fulfill a much greater percentage of my potential.


In the meantime, while a simple, basic goal, I need to find the balance of building my business (author/speaker/writer/editor) while better supporting my family as I do so. I told you this was basic. So, it’s time to polish my resume and find real opportunities to support my family, even if I temporarily spend time away from my solo projects.


(If anyone knows of any substantial opportunities for a reasonably bright guy with great energy along with world-class writing skills and American-class speaking skills…coupled with a true love and compassion for others…let me know. Oh yes, I’m ultimately a serious guy, but one with a world-class sense of humor, as well.)


As I work toward finding this balance, I am also looking for the right collaborations to help me achieve some of my goals. Obviously, a successful collaboration is one in which there is mutual respect, in addition to complementary skills and visions. After all these years, I have a strong sense of the various things that I either don’t do well, or simply refrain from doing. So, if there’s a special person out there who gets what I have done and am looking to do in the future and also doesn’t mind contributing his/her own expertise as part of a win-win that also helps others, may we find one another.


In 2014, I expect to publish at least one more book, and really hope to market it to the same level at which I have been writing it. Translation: Constitutionally, I need to write, create and share, and am sick, tired and a little depressed by being broke as hell. If I’m still feeling this at the dawn of 2015, this will be a crappy year.


In 2014, I expect to figure out my best speech topics, and have many paid “gigs” as a speaker. My ability to both entertain – but also to craft and deliver speeches that resonate with others – is strong, and growing. Now, it’s about finding the most meaningful ways to do this.


In addition to the above, being a better husband/father/friend is equally high on my list of resolutions. I think that I’m good at the latter category but unfortunately, when I am unsettled and unhappy with myself, there is no way that I can be at my best for those who I love the most, and vice versa. I’m convinced that being internally grumpy and unfulfilled is not the best version of me, even if this state occasionally fuels some of my better writings. I am sure that I can still produce, even when I have the peace of mind of good financial, spiritual, emotional and physical health.


The rest, my friends, is just details and a whole lot of work.


In the coming year(s), may we all find the very best versions of ourselves. I hope that all of us will enjoy lives laden with creativity, love, inspiration, passion and compassion, and live in such a way that truly allows others to do the same.


And toward that end, if I’m still complaining about where I am heading into 2015, just slap me upside my head.


Happy New Year!

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