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As Major League Baseball nears the World Series, we turn to the (former?) national pastime for The Wednesday Wordapod, which is…



Round Tripper (n)one of many nicknames given to a home run in baseball—with a fascinating story behind it


Who Knew…?

Horrid Horace Henderson was a clumsy oaf of a first baseman who played mostly independent league baseball in or around Galveston, Texas in the 1920s. Henderson stood 5’7” and weighed about 265 on days that he remembered to diet. Henderson could flat-out powder a baseball, but he couldn’t field a lick, and his managers (with no designated hitter rule to fall back on) would try to hide him at first base.

Horrid Horace was a lousy fielder and inept base runner who would regularly trip while waddling around the bases. So, why did he earn a spot in the lineup? The big man hit about 50 home runs every season! 

Legend has it that after one of his majestic blasts, Henderson went into his home run trot, and tripped over second base. Recovering from the face plant, a fan yelled from the stands, “Down goes the Round Tripper!”

The nickname stuck, and “round tripper” was soon applied to any of his home runs, and to this day, to a home run hit by any player—whether or not he does a pratfall on his home run trot.



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