Rubber Game – Wednesday’s Wordapod

With two MLB postseason series down to their deciding game, today’s Wordapod is quite topical. Rubber Game is one of over 250 creative Wordapods to be found in Wordapodia, Volume One: An Encyclopedia of Real Fake Words. 



Rubber Game


Rubber Game (n) – the deciding game of a series in any sport, especially baseball, basketball and hockey



So,Who Knew…?


The term rubber game goes back to the days where condoms could only be obtained on the black market. Many players enjoyed amorous adventures with their admirers off the field, but their only form of protection they had access to was a jockstrap-and-cup. With both items kind of defeating the purpose, one can clearly imagine that rubbers were a greatly prized item, circa 1895 or so.


Before a hotly contested championship game between Cincinnati and Detroit, a local entrepreneur named Duffy Wallbanger offered all players on the winning team a box of condoms. With both teams playing at a fevered pitch, Detroit pulled out (pun intended) a 10-9 victory in a then-record 23 innings. Ironically, most of the winning players were too exhausted from the marathon game to enjoy the fruits of their labor for another day or so.


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