Ryan, Kinsler and the Youk

Yesterday, I started a new gig, writing for a start-up company/website called www.jewocity.com.



We are at the beginning stages of, hopefully, creating something that will be successful and a lot of fun, but I do not wish to overstate or understate my contributions.


The site is not my baby. I am sure that its owner, Shai, has put in a ton of time, effort and money to launch it—the largest online Jewish Business Directory. I wish it every success and hope that my contributions will be valuable, valued and rewarded over time. While a paid gig, there is certainly a high element of sweat equity on my part as well.


So, what am I sweating and schvitzing about? The kind of stuff that I love doing, which is similar to what I have been doing, if ever-so-slightly targeted for a more specific (although I am sure, diverse in its own way) audience. In true Tip of the Goldberg-style, I hope to inspire laughs, smiles and just enough wisdom, even if most of my writing will be as light and fluffy as a good matzo ball.




The plan is to write a column three times a week of my own design. Mondays will be devoted to what I have titled Bagels and Jocks: This Week in Jewish Sports. I guess that the title tells the tale.


On Wednesdays, I will present the Wordapod of the Week, based on my best-selling book, Wordapodia, Volume One: An Encyclopedia of Real Fake Words. Yes, it’s my best selling book so far, even if the market has yet to catch up to it. You get the idea; hope you’ll soon get the book.


Each Thursday, I will create a Top 10 list examining some aspect of Jewish culture, somewhat loosely defined. I’m not even sure what this Thursday’s feature will be. I do know that there will be a lot of sports, music, movies, the arts, food, and probably even more food and sports. Hopefully, each list will spark some good-natured debates. What’s not to like?


My first Bagels and Jocks piece centered on three Jewish players (Ryan Braun, Ian Kinsler and Kevin Youkilis) who are lighting up Major League Baseball. There are 13 Jewish ballplayers currently in the bigs. Call it a bakers dozen of bagels, if you’d like.


Three of the 13 are bona fide All-Stars, and one of them may very be this year’s National League MVP. So, check it out: As my three-year-old, Benny, loves to say to me when inviting me to play a game with him, “Try it, you’ll like.”


While I may not be able to capture all of Benny's infectious spirit, I invite you to try my first Bagels and Jocks column – cream cheese, optional.


As always, thank you for reading. Please check out my other books, blogs and speaking information.




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