Seeing Sharapova, Ova and Ova…

For many years, I’ve been a tennis fan—as a player and as a couch potato.


Per the latter pursuit, I’ve greatly enjoyed the current men’s era of Roger (Federer) and Rafa (Nadal) and I’ve also somewhat enjoyed many of the women’s players. You know what I mean.


The current tourney, Wimbledon, is the one with the most panache and pageantry—with a little royal snobbery mixed in as well. And this year, the –Ovas are everywhere.


The women’s final will pit the well-known 6’2” Russian beauty Maria Sharapova against up-and-coming Czech player Petra Kvitova, who stands in at a mere six-foot-even. It has everything but sexy Anna Kournikova.


For quite some time, these tall (often alluring) Eastern European players have been a dominant force on the lady’s tour, and some might say that with Venus and Serena Williams’ own dominance starting to fade, they are really ready to take control. As so many of their surnames end in –Ova, yes, they are taking the sport ova.



Some play right-handed, some play lefty, and almost all hit two-handed backhands. Most are statuesque, many shriek like crushed puppies when they hit the ball, and most look quite fine in bathing suits.



As a featured columnist for Bleacher Report (dot com) I had some quick fun today with the following piece that reacts to this trend. I tried not to ova-do the puns—or it would be an ova-whelmingly groan-worthy read for you.



There’s some history, some word play, some tennis wonkiness and lots of good clean fun.



Please feel free to react here, and on the article itself, but please don’t do so till it’s completely ova.



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