SHOPERATIC – Wednesday’s Wordapod

So, how would YOU describe the overly dramatic attitude some people have about shopping?

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Shoperatic (adj) – reflecting an overly dramatic attitude towards shopping

Sample Sentence: Edgar was so shoperatic about his few excursions to the supermarket that his wife nicknamed him “The Shopper of Seville.”


Who Knew…?

When I asked (my favorite diva pop psychologist) Dr. Marta Hari if shopaholics and shoperatic people are one and the same, she looked at me as if I had sprouted a third nostril. “What are you talking about, Matt? A shopaholic is addicted to shopping, but isn’t necessarily overly dramatic about it. She (or he) may be quite businesslike, and even fatalistic.”

“The shoperatic shopper usually acts all melodramatic because he/she doesn’t go shopping very often. Got it?”

“So, they are not mutually exclusive?”  I countered.

“That’s right, Matt,” she added condescendingly.


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