SKINCIPAL – Wednesday’s Wordapod

So, what would you call the head of a school operated by a nudist colony?


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Skincipal (n) – the director or headmaster/headmistress of a school that is part of a nudist colony


Who Knew…?

You would think that skincipals would be chosen because of their good looks, but that is only partially true. In a 2013 survey conducted by Buff Educators Weekly, both students and teachers of nudist colonies were recently polled to ascertain, “What are the qualities you admire most in a good skincipal?”


Below were the qualities mentioned, from most to least important:

  • Solid, but fair, discipline
  • Innovative, with high academic standards
  • Valuing the students’ and teachers’ individuality
  • Lack of body hair (women) and rashes (men)
  • Encouraging team sports
  • Honoring the school’s Formal Friday dress code (generally, bowties for men, and high heels for ladies)
  • Enforcing Zero Flatulence policies


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