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Smellicose (adj) descriptive of someone who stinks the high heaven and is very belligerent

Sample Scenario:  When I met June at the airport, I couldn’t help but notice her haggard appearance. Her explanation: “I knew I should’ve flown business class. In coach, I shared a transatlantic flight with the most smellicose man I have ever seen.”


Who Knew…?

Slippery Slope College commissioned a study to see if there is a strong correlation, little or no correlation, or even a negative correlation between smelling and acting offensively. Noxious Odors Professor Will Barnshaw oversaw the project and explained the results to me.

“The data was somewhat inconclusive. Unfortunately, that means we have to repeat the same experiment next fall. Time to round up all the miscreants, idiots and smelly people, along with blindfolds, survey forms and industrial strength fans. I think that only a small percentage of people are truly smellicose, but we’ll see what happens in Round 2.”


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