SNACK-O-LANTERN – The Wednesday Wordapod

For those who are trick-or-treating or have loved ones doing so, have fun, but be ever mindful of those snack-o-lanterns. And yes, the Wednesday Wordapod is …




Snack-o-lantern (n) an edible, plastic pumpkin-shaped device with openings cut to represent the human eyes, nose, and mouth. It is illuminated by a candle or other light.




Snack-o-lanterns became quite popular in the last few years, when families got tired of reusing their inedible jack-o-lanterns year after year. Although the edible plastic makes them more expensive, it has been found that users gladly pay more for the novelty of having an extra snack on hand.


Would-be snack-o-lantern eaters should take care to remove the non-edible candle before chomping away. There are approximately 400 such accidents every year in New Jersey alone, and if we can prevent just one, this book has been well worth the effort.

Wordapodia, Vol. 1


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