“…The best paradox to sum up his sports writing is this: Matt Goldberg makes it fun to take sports seriously.”    

No, that was not a backhanded compliment.

I have never been blessed with the abilities to bat, dunk, tackle, skate or hit an overhead like a pro, but my passion for sports has always bordered on the obsessive.

Baseball is my first love (to play, follow and write about), but football, basketball, tennis, hockey and most sports events—excluding racing, rasslin’ and regattas— really get my blood pumping faster.

At heart, I actually do take my sports very seriously, but also tend to bring my hyperactive humorist’s voice to the proceedings. I also take seriously my responsibility to live up to my byline, and I endeavor to pen the kind of intelligent, interesting pieces that I would love to read. Within a medium and an age where being the first to write any half-baked story that brings in readers is the norm, I am proud of the quality and originality that I have been able to generate.


In September, 2011, I debuted a new feature about the preceding week in the Jewish sports world (or, should I say the contribution of Jewish figures in the sports world) which I’ve titled Bagels And Jocks.


You will find this new series of sports columns at jewocity.com.


Since August of 2010, I have been a featured columnist for an online publication called Bleacher Report. It has become addictive, as I get to cover and opine about everything from my hometown Philadelphia Phillies (and Eagles, Flyers and 76ers) to college hoops, tennis, sports-related trends and much more.

Please take a look at my page on Bleacher Report, where my full archive (roughly 150, and counting since August, 2010) of eclectic sports articles may also be accessed.


In June of 2011, I created a brand new feature for Philly2Philly.com that I am very excited about. In this feature, I interview (sort of) the top names on the Philadelphia sports scene. It is titled Philly2Philly.com Phantasy Interviews and a new interview (however “phantastic”) runs on a weekly basis…except for those weeks when I can’t imagine an interview. Please click on the above link to read any of these fun, nsightful(?) interviews.

In keeping with my MO as a humorist, my goal is not to skewer the subject(s) of my interview(s), but rather to provide a knowledgeable, if satiric voice. More outrageous and more blistering is not always funnier.


Please contact matt@tipofthegoldberg.com if you would like:


  • A regular (paid) baseball or all-around columnist

  • A uniquely knowledgeable and humorous panelist for your broadcast

  • A speaker or emcee for your special event

  • To bring Bagels & Jocks to your own publication/site.

Please stay tuned for much more sports analysis, opinion and humor. This was only the very Tip of the Goldberg.

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