SQUASHBUCKLER – Wednesday’s Wordapod

Eating healthfully is a great thing (Well, I’ve heard it is), although some Squashbucklers take it a little bit too far. Read on.


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Squashbuckler (n)someone who devours food of the gourd family with a certain swagger


Please Note: Squashbuckler may be applied to suave eaters of corn, peas, and carrots. It can also be used to describe a movie that features the showy eating of these vegetables.


Sample Scenario: Before I went out to dinner with Guillermo, I knew he was kind of cocky. But even in my wildest dreams, I could not imagine that he was a genuine squashbuckler.




Miley Tortelli, a Hollywood historian, noted that while famous, swashbuckling actors such as Tyrone Power, Basil Rathbone, and Douglas Fairbanks all ate their meals with excellent manners, Errol Flynn was known as “the pirate of the commissary.” Per Ms. Tortelli, Flynn would regularly take an overgrown squash, cut it into small pieces with his sword, and yell, “Ahoy, mates,” before eating each little piece.



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