STUPOMETER – Wednesday’s Wordapod

This Wednesday’s Wordapod is for those who may want concrete proof that there is stupidity and cluelessness surrounding them. Stupometer is one of over 250 new Wordapods to be found in Wordapodia, Volume One: An Encyclopedia of Real Fake Words. 







Stupometer (n) an electronic device that measures the stupidity of someone or something, flashing red flags and sounding alarms—which are invisible and inaudible to the non-user


Sample Sentence:  Whenever I attend one of my weekly sales seminars, my stupometer is so active that I have trouble concentrating.


So…Who Knew?


Here are a few fun facts about stupometers:


  • While the first models weighed 120 pounds and cost $1000 or more, there are now excellent pocket models that cost $12.99 or less.
  • Bowing to pressure from teachers’ unions, stupometers are forbidden in many school districts.
  • Unofficially, the highest known stupometer readings have occurred at Pauly Shore stand-up comedy performances and films, Jerry Springer Show tapings, and Tea Party Conventions.


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