Man, I should be used to this feeling by now.



That Super Bowl Monday Morning Hangover is not a stranger to my existence.


The one from two mornings ago was not brought on by too much alcohol (I was home, and not drinking), too much food (well, maybe that played a small role) or too much Madonna. It did manifest itself with the tired, washed out feeling of watching another Super Bowl champion not named the Philadelphia Eagles.




There have now been 46, er, XLVI, of these epics contested, and the Eagles have only played in two of them. They got run over by the Raiders in 1981 and nipped by New England in 2005. The less said about both games for now, the better.


If you’re keeping score on such things, the Philadelphia Eagles have three primary rivals—the other three teams in the NFC East. The NFC East has produced the most Super Bowl champions of any division, 12. The Redskins have three championships, those monumentally lucky New York Giants now have four and the even more bitterly despised Dallas Cowboys own FIVE Lombardi Trophies.


The Eagles, you ask?  Zero, zilch, nada, effes…a big old bagel. They last won an NFL championship back in 1960. Yeah, I’m getting old, but I don’t go back that farnot with consciousness, anyway. No, I wasn’t in college then…smart ass! (I was talking to one of my altered egos; don’t be offended.) Heck, the Super Ball (remember those green balls that bounced over three-story houses?) wasn’t even invented until 1964.


And, another thing while I;m at it. Can we be treated to a commercial or two that is not totally devoid of any wit, originality or creativity? How many times can I ogle at a hotly-clad Danika Patrick? Bad example.



How many times can I watch a slew of commercials, of which the consensus top ad was Granny sling-shooting the baby to snatch a pack of Doritos from an obnoxious little chips-hoarding puke of a boy?


Or, was it the Doritos ad where the cat-killing canine bribes his owner with…was it a GoDaddy domain? Search for it if you really need to view it again. I'll pass.


Disappointment, disgust and hangovers still fresh, I wrote two columns just hours after SB XLVI ended. My weekly, Monday morning  Bagels and Jocks column listed XLVI ( 46, to you anti-Romans) factoids, rantings and ravings about the Bowl.


I then slept about three hours before posting a column on Bleacher Report about Super Bowl XLVI—from an Eagles fan's honest, if slightly warped, perspective.



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