Thankgivukkah, Et Cetera

Thanksgiving, Et Cetera


Tomorrow evening, we celebrate what many (too many?) are calling Thanksgivukkah, the convergence of Chanukah and Thanksgiving. It is a really cool thing that these two joyous holidays coincide like this. I am already salivating thinking about all of the turkey, latkes (potato pancakes), sweet potato, pumpkin pie and fried doughnuts that I am about to ingest. Which is a lot to digest. But I digress.


Apparently, this is the only time that the holidays (Chanukah starts tomorrow evening along with, if you will, Thanksgiving’s Eve) will come together for billions and billions of years. And while the mathematical proof eludes me, suffice it for me to write that while the 2013 Thanksgiving falls on its latest possible date, this year’s Chanukah falls on its very earliest date. And yes, the Jewish calendar adds whole months every so often to even out all of those solar-lunar discrepancies. In other words, you do the math.



If this year was really freaky, Chanukah would have coincided with Halloween to produce our choice of either Chan-o-ween, Hall-o-kah, or for those who can’t do without the double-k construction, Hallokkah. Others may have even written it as Trick-or-Treat-u-kkah. Which deserves an OY!


Tomorrow, in my Wednesday Wordapod column, I will give a further take on what this year’s double holiday should be called. For now, let me reflect on two other issues, even if I wax nostalgic, ever-so-slightly, in the process.


Last year at this time, I was writing a weekly Top Ten list for a publication called jewocity dot com. On one of the columns, I pondered the correct spelling of what I always wrote out as C-h-a-n-u-k-a-h, and in homage to its eight days, came up with the Top 8 Ways to Spell/Misspell it. Enjoy! Even if this list may be of little importance, I hope you will like the humor therein.


Top 10 list - Jewocity pic


See: This was a complicated issue even without the Thanksgiving coincidence.


Of course, I had to also take on the issue of Chanukah music, and how it’s completely overshadowed by Christmas music. Admission: I enjoy the majority of Christmas music that I am privy/subjected to, and don’t expect equal time for Chanukah tunes, yet it is nice that there are some pretty decent Chanukah cuts out there. In that light, here is what I came up with two years ago as my Top 10 Chanukah Songs.


Enjoy this list as well, along with all of the other holidays you may be celebrating. And in the meantime, Happy Chan-giving. I’ll do that “math” right here tomorrow. Just in time and just in case.


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