The Uselessness of WAR

One would think that other things would either captivate or prey on my mind on this beautifully torrential day.


Tell me if you have a solution to the world, domestic or (my) family economy—I don’t.



And I’m not sure exactly what we’re accomplishing by putting amazingly brave young American troops—and by extension, their whole families—in various theatres of war.


Yet, I’m stuck on another war, or is it WAR, as it relates to baseball. And it’s not even the pennant wars or even some good old-fashioned beanball wars. Or, even the Billy Beane / Michael Lewis/ Brad Pitt Moneyball wars.


Two weeks ago, I warned of the developing gangland skirmishes between old school and new school baseball fans. The old guard gang is The Blues—a breed who wants no part of all of the new stats and analytics that baseball is swimming in currently. They just don’t relate to all the new stats and statisticians running amok telling them that RBI(s), ERA and wins and losses don’t even matter.


On the other corner is The Reds, who scoff at the old ways and seek clarity, beauty and solace at all the ways individual players can contribute to winning efforts even when they’re not. Or something like that.


I labeled myself a Green two weeks ago, as I wish to see the beauty of the game as it always has been yet want to avail myself of some of the newer analytics for a bigger picture. If green connotes pacifism so be it, even if that does not quite describe me politically or with respect to my analytical inclinations.


Well, maybe it does these days, as I’m once again up in arms about WAR, as in “Wins Above Replacement.” Yes, last year, I made the pun in a Bleacher Report piece about WAR being good for absolutely nothing, even if I neglected to give it the Edwin Starr treatment.


I hope everyone – Blues, Reds and budding Greens alike – enjoyed Mr. Starr's vocal stylings.

NOTE:  The rest of this column could get a little wonky/geeky for the non-baseball fan, but here it is. Enjoy!


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