CANNIBAL LECTERN – The Wednesday Wordapod

Today’s (Wednesday) Wordapod is a bit esoteric (and weird), but that’s the beauty of it…right?



Cannibal Lectern (n)a reading desk, or speaker’s stand, used by people who eat human flesh

Who Knew…?

Cannibals have, in my opinion, been rightfully stigmatized for their barbaric, anti-social, deviant behavior. However, research has shown that many practitioners of this ghastly habit are some of the finest, most literate people on earth.

In fact, cannibal lecterns are still being manufactured to accommodate cannibals who give speeches, lectures and poetry readings in a small number of bookstores and libraries in the United States.


Sample Sentence:  Whenever I give a book reading on an empty stomach, I fear that they’ll set me up with a cannibal lectern, causing me to look at my audience in a whole new way.

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