Top 10…or 8…Reasons to Dislike the “Like” Button

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How in God’s good name did we all arrive at a place and time where we are forced to make public decisions on what we like or dislike. I like to like, and sometimes even love to love—and hey, when the mood striketh, I even liketh to hate things. But enough is enough…


It wasn’t that long ago…was it?…that we didn’t live in this whole world of incessant liking. Of course, Facebook ushered this in to our lives, and as played out as it should be, it was, and is, an ingenious tool for this age of instant feedback and rampant insecurity. At least, my pop psych background drives me to this conclusion.


In truth—and sorry for a disclaimer, or claimer, that shouldn’t even be needed—I’ve been addicted to Zuckerberg’s vile beast for less than two years now, and I’ve come to need these “likes” as much as the next guy or gal. Maybe even more so, and it’s driving me crazy. Crazy enough to share this quick Top 10 List with you. Since I’m going against the grain, how about a Top 8?


I hope you’ll lik—enjoy this.



Top 8 Reasons to Dislike the “Like” Button



8.    It’s Everywhere

We’re not only liking on Facebook, but every stinking thing that we read online is peppered with opportunities to like the piece (and most articles are pieces of something) and then comment and wait for others to like what we wrote.


WARNING: At this point, I won’t use italics when I speak of Facebook-style “liking”—or even quotation marks. You can handle it, I’m sure.


7. Way too Sally Field-ish

As in.(check this link) “You like me, you really like me.”   But really, in accepting her 1985 (for films of 1984) Best Actress Oscar, she didn’t say “really.” Really. But, we can’t deny the fact that the Academy liked her…right then…they liked her.


6.  Awkward Decisions to Make

To like or not to like? Is it nobler to like an update that someone’s dog just died or just leave it open, and seemingly unpopular?


5.  Too Roman Emperor-ish

By all accounts, the thumbs-up salute dates back to the days of the gladiators in Rome, where a thumbs-down could be fatal. Back in the day, they had almost as much power as Siskel and Ebert had back in their day. Now, the thumbs-up is banal but still powerful. It’s kind of the equivalent of silent-but-deadly, or maybe it’s the opposite. Or, like a stay of execution. Or, maybe the opposite.


4. The Illusion of Popularity

So confusing. So fleeting. So addictive.


3.  LInkedin is Becoming Likedin

Did I comment on the omnipresence of these lousy like buttons? Even Linkedin—where I also spend way too much time, but tell myself that it’s all for professional advancement—is overtaken with this movement.


2.      The Shallowness of It All

There’s no way to distinguish between being overwhelmed by the brilliance of something and agreeing with it sucks that it’s raining. How does one distinguish between something original that absolutely touches the heart, makes one think, or is truly exciting news (these average about 10.3 likes, in my experience) from the lowest common denominator “I’m pissed off” as a status (these average about 156.6 likes, in my experience.)

And then there are those, like me, who try to provide my Facebook world with original, cool, exciting, witty and heartwarming stuff (these average about 3.7 likes, in my experience.)


Oy, the inhumanity!



1.      My Fear…

I like it. I really like it. And I hate myself for liking likes. My consolation: I sure as hell don’t love it.


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4 Responses to Top 10…or 8…Reasons to Dislike the “Like” Button

  • Robert Owens says:

    What, no Siskel & Ebert? They were thumbs-upping things long before Zuck's 'rents had a twinkle in their eyes.

    • admin says:

      I mentioned them on the list, to say nothing (which I did) of the Roman emperors. But the whole culture of “liking” as far as I know came about because of MZ.

  • Robert Owens says:

    My apologies.  Must have missed that.  Thought I even searched before posting.  Nevermind. :)

  • admin says:

    Okay…no harm.