Now that I’m halfway between shunning the Twittersphere altogether and tweeting like a fool on steroids, I’ve been trying to wrap my head around President Barack Obama’s soccer-induced tweeting yesterday.



It’s a new universe that we live in—one in which we can virtually rub elbows and send 140-character missives to anybody we want. I haven’t decided as to whether it’s cool that the Prez is that accessible. I would frame this debate—surely, one for another time—like this:


We want our leaders, and candidates, to show their human side, but do we want them to be that reach-out and-touchable? Should our elected leaders be as common as the Snookis of the world? (I realize quite well that we live in an era of Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann and Anthony Weiner.)



But back to the task at hand, and analyzing why the communicator-in-chief, or his peeps, would send thirteen tweets ranging in time from just before to just after the US-Japan Women’s World Cup final, which Japan won 3-2 on those ever-popular penalty kicks.


Of their eleven in-game tweets, the White House issued one official photo with the following caption.


“President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, and their daughters Sasha and Malia watch the World Cup soccer game between the U.S. and Japan, from the Treaty Room office in the residence of the White House, Sunday, July 17, 2011.”


Nothing too remarkable there, I guess. Just your average family watching a game in a treaty room. I’d like to think that they watch NFL games together in a war room, but there seem to be lots of good TV-viewing options in the White House.


The one mildly troubling thing from this photo is that the President is sitting furthest away from the remote controls. Sasha and Malia could easily change the channel, and even Michelle is just third-in-line. What does that say about his leadership style?


As for the tweets, themselves, only the initial one had Barack Obama’s initials on it. It read:


To the women of our national soccer team: Sorry I can't be there to see you play, but I'll be cheering you on from here. Let's go. –BO


Short, and to the point. He used 134 of the characters available, and had room to sign it BHO instead of BO if he wanted to. I guess either choice would be offensive to his detractors, regardless of their sense of smell.


As a huge sports fan, I’m happy to see the President and his family enjoying the big sports story over the weekend together, even if the following questions remain unanswered:



1. Did Barack obsess over which picture to post on his Twitter profile?


2. Did he curse out loud or threaten to punch a hole in someone’s official photo when he couldn’t read and match the security code when registering?


3. Who knows his password(s)? Does he?


4. Why can’t he crack the 10 million follower plateau, and what does that mean for 2012?


5. Why did I just become follower number 9.196,365, and what does that say about me?


6. Sasha and Malia seem like great kids and all, but why are they hogging the remote controls? What happens when they leave the Treaty Room and go to that secret room with the big switch?



Better them than Sarah P and Michele B but even so…



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