UNICYCLOPS – Wednesday’s Wordapod

Wednesday’s Wordapod is Unicyclops, a mythical, mythological beast whose very appearance belied its sweet nature. Read on below.







Unicyclops (n)in Greek mythology, a huge, one-eyed beast who enjoyed riding a one-wheeler. Many of them were able to juggle.


Who Knew…?


Euripides Amenides, professor of Classic Literature at Slippery Slope College, said that the Unicyclops was, generally, a very friendly creature. “There were said to be about 100 Unicyclopes (the preferred plural form) who lived in Ancient Greece, and the average adult stood 30 feet tall, weighed 988 pounds, and rode the unicycle with reckless abandon. They loved children and would wink merrily at them—albeit with one huge eye that was in the middle of their forehead. Tragically, the wink petrified many children, and would-be romantic partners as well.”


Amenides concluded that “Very, very few people befriended the Unicyclops, and that’s also a shame. There were no good optometrists to serve them, and not enough circuses and weddings for them to sustain a living. They just kind of died out.”



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