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This Wednesday’s Wordapod is for all of us vegetable admirers and non-eaters. VEGESTARIAN is one of many such enjoyable new Wordapods to be found in Wordapodia, Volume One: An Encyclopedia of Real Fake Words. 




Vegestarian (n) one who is mesmerized by the appearance and aura of vegetables, often unnerving ones table mates in the process


Sample Sentence


Ruthie vowed to never return to the vegestarian convention, allowing that she would feel more comfortable at a table of cannibals.



So…Who Knew?


One of the pleasures of writing this book is the opportunity to speak with fascinating people, such as Mars Greenman, author of the powerful, Ogling Okra: My Life As A Vegestarian. Below is part of our conversation:


Matt:  Mars, how did you become a vegestarian?


Mars:  My Mom forced me to eat a lot of vegetables.


Matt:  Is there more to the story? Your book’s 455 pages long.


Mars:  There is, but I find it easier to write about than to talk about. It’s very painful, but I’ll try. We were forced—sometimes at gunpoint—to clean our plates before we were allowed to leave the dinner table. My sister, Lana, had no problems with this policy, and went on to become a competitive broccoli eating champion.


Matt:  Didn’t know there was such a thing.


Mars:  Oh, yes. She’s the world champ. But I just could not stomach all of the root vegetables, lima beans, okra, broccoli and Brussels sprouts…what am I forgetting…that we were forced to eat. So, I would try to wait out my parents by staring at my plate till they would eventually give up and let me either give them to my sister or throw them down the drain.


Matt:  Did you do the same with the other food groups—your meats, your poultry, fruits and bre—


Mars:  No, no problem with any of those. I’m not a carnistarian, or an omnistarian.


Matt: Hmmm. I didn’t know there were such people.


Mars:  There should be, but I guess the words aren’t catchy enough.


Matt:  Vegetable juices. Any problems?


Mars:  Nope.


Matt:  What problems has being a vegestarian caused for you?


Mars:  I got laughed at in school cafeterias, and was frequently late going to my next class. Eating out on dates, or even with friends, became traumatic experiences. You know, we have a society that forgives thieves, rapists, murderers and politicians, but the minute you start counting peas and analyzing the color of rutabagas you’re a freak. A pariah. An outcast. A m—


Matt:  I think I get the picture. How many vegestarians are there in the US, and are there support groups?


Mars:  It is estimated that there are about 27 of us, but I’m sure there are many more. That just counts the ones who are brave enough to go to the VA meetings.


Matt:  Vegestarians Anonymous?


Mars:  Yup.


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