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With the 2014 Major League Baseball season nearing its climax, the Wednesday Wordapod is …



Warning Truck (n)in certain baseball stadiums, a truck that is placed in the outfield a few feet in front of the home run fence


Who Knew…?

Of all the stupid baseball innovations—and there have been more than a few—this has to take the cake for the most asinine, or if you will, asiten (please see Wordapodia, Volume One) of them all.

Johnny “Little Cheese” Gambino, owner of both Gambino Trucking and the Waterloo (Ohio) Wildcats, thought that his innovation would add some drama to long fly balls, and also increase exposure for his company.

The owner instructed the team’s ground crew to place a large 18-wheeler with Gambino Trucking prominently displayed in red letters about 10 feet in front of the centerfield fence. The novelty seemed to cause a buzz in the stadium, and the experiment appeared to be on its way to success, when in the seventh inning, centerfielder Pedro Rosario went crashing through the windshield to rob a hitter of extra bases.

Rosario lay motionless on the field for 20 minutes, during which time Johnny Gambino, himself, drove the truck off the field to a serenade of boos. Little Cheese, quite devastated by the result of his greed and stupidity, sold the team one week later and also dissolved his trucking business. He went on to achieve infamy as a foreign policy advisor in the Bush (II) Administration.

And, what of Pedro Rosario?  Rosario was never the same after his collision with the warning truck, and he (successfully) sued the owner for ending his once-promising baseball career. He became a record producer, and even penned and sang a top-selling blues-rock-salsa hit called, “I Got Warning Truck Power, Baby.”

Wordapodia, Vol. 1


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