Wednesday’s Wordapod – Boob Birds


Today’s Wordapod, taken from Wordapodia, Volume One: An Encyclopedia of Real Fake Words, is one of my favorite baseball wordapods. It wasn’t really inspired by this video of the Hooters ballgirl’s misplay, but today’s placement may have been.



Boob Birds


Boob Birds (n) – female fans of all sports (originally, just baseball) who voice their displeasure loudly when their home team is playing poorly


This term originated (where else?) in Philadelphia, which is known far and wide for its passionate, vociferous fans. While the term “boo bird” has been around forever, it is usually associated with inebriated, leather-lunged men. But, not exclusively. I recently sat down with Clara Heatley, the ringleader of a group of fans that became known as the Boob Birds.


Matt:  So, Clara, how did the Boob Birds come about?


Clara:  Philadelphia, as you may know, is a sports-crazy town, and we are known far and wide for our tough fans, sometimes known as “boo birds.”  Well, I just thought that not all Philly fans are drunk, overweight men. How about us sober, shapely ladies?


Matt:  How many boob birds were there originally?


Clara:  Originally, it was just me, Connie Greer and Crissy Monaco. We all worked together, and after work, we sat up in the 500-level of old Veterans Stadium for Phillies games. Our group kept building, and there were 34-36 of us in our heyday.


Matt:  The term, “boob bird.”  Was that your idea?


Clara:  No. A local sportswriter, I forget his name, called us that. He reasoned that we vented like the men, but also filled out our t-shirts quite pleasingly.


Matt:  Did you find the term demeaning?


Clara:  Demeaning to whom exactly? Not at all. We wore our nickname and Boob Bird t-shirts with great pride. In fact, because the names of the three original boob birds—Clara, Connie and Crissy—all start with “C,” we even flirted with the idea of calling ourselves the Triple C Gang.


Matt:  What happened?


Clara:  That nickname turned out to be a bust.


Matt:  Well played!



Boob Birds is one of over 250 real, fake words to be found in Wordapodia, Volume One. Wednesday’s Wordapod was also a popular feature on from September, 2011 thru January, 2013.


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