Wednesday’s Wordapod: TALIBANJO


Today’s Wordapod, taken from Wordapodia, Volume One: An Encyclopedia of Real Fake Words, is one of my favorite musical (kind of) wordapods. Hope you’ll enjoy the word and the humor…if not the actual music.




Talibanjo (n) – a stringed instrument, manufactured in Afghanistan, most often played by Islamic fundamentalists


Sample Sentence: 



Even though I had no use for Mullah’s political doctrines, I had to admit that he played one mean Talibanjo.


So…Who Knew?


Members of the Taliban are often portrayed as joyless brutes subject to Sharia Law, and incapable of even enjoying music. “That is mostly true,” offered Afghan/Italian scholar Mohammed Al-Valentino, “but the musical allegation is false. Many followers of this movement enjoy playing the Talibanjo, which combines traditional Islamic music with American bluegrass.” 


Al-Valentino mentioned that some of the most popular Talibanjo music even plays off American rock and roll standards. According to the scholar, ten of the most popular Talibanjo songs are (please see next page):



Top 10 Most Popular Talibanjo Songs:


  • Rebel, Rebel, Your Face Has No Beard
  • You Bin Laden On My Mind
  • We’ll Be Surging Up The Mountain
  • Islama-Bad Girls
  • Skip to Mu-llah, My Darling
  • My Sharia More
  • The Ballad of Amir Clampett
  • Al Qaeda River For You
  • Kabuli Waltz
  • Dueling Talibanjoes


Talibanjo is one of over 250 real, fake words to be found in Wordapodia, Volume One. Wednesday’s Wordapod was also a popular feature on from September, 2011 thru January, 2013.


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