With His Eyes, Mind and Heart

They (or many of us, sometimes loosely quoting a man named Haruki Murakami) say that Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. To me, complaining—in the face or in the absence of pain—is often a way of life.


And so it was that a couple of very early mornings ago—and I’ll temporarily spare you my persistent complaints about chronic insomnia—that I accidentally came across a column penned by a man named Steve Gleason that inspired my sleep-reading eyes to open a lot wider. It was written with so much heart, humanity, humility and humor, and it was literally (due to his living with a terrible disease known as ALS and the technology that he now employs) written with his eyes.


The link below is to a Sports Illustrated­ website, and more specifically, to NFL blogger Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback column where Gleason was the guest blogger. To be clear, this column has almost nothing to do with football, and everything to do with living courageously, lovingly and with an inspirational sense of adventure.


There is so much more to say about it, but Steve Gleason already says it incredibly well. The best service I can provide is to share his words and let you be inspired by the intelligence, humanity, heart and sense of adventure that produced them.


Many is the time that I wish my blog was read by millions and I always try to write simultaneously to (both) a singular person and to a sea of gazillions who potentially could be reading. Those dual images inspire me as does the wish that people will click through to buy books, and book me for writing and speaking gigs. (If that was another complaint, so be it.)


In this case, I hope this blog is reaching millions so that more people can read what Steve Gleason penned with his eyes—with generous assistance from his head, heart and soul. And with that, I give you his inspirational, courageous, warm and wise words.




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