(Matt) has a brilliant way with words that seems to flow…with ease.”


In September, 2011, I launched three new weekly columns for

Mondays features my review of the past week in Jewish sports, which I’ve titled Bagels & Jocks.

On Wednesdatys, I present the Wordapod of the Week, or Wednesday’s Wordapod.

If it’s a Thursday (and no holiday), it’s time for Thursday’s Top 10 List.

My goal is to share this information with as many publications and readers as possible. Please contact me to bring these, or other custom features, to your own publication or site. The above features are a lot of fun for all, and…just the Tip of the Goldberg.


In addition to publishing four books, a screenplay or two, several musical comedies, hundreds of humor and sports columns and (seemingly) thousands of eclectic poems and song parodies, I would like to lend my talents and passion to helping you with your own special writing and speaking needs.

Perhaps, I can’t take the words right out of your mouth, but I do pride myself on being a terrific listener (especially when not speaking, but I can multitask) and having the ability to produce something memorable from a kernel of an idea. So, I do love it when words write out of my mouth—usually quickly, and on point. Even if the main point is smiles and laughter!

Please contact, or call 856.796.0610, if you would like to consult me on any of the following, or any another creative idea you may have.

  • Preparing a speech for business or other purpose

  • Colorful writing for your ad, brochure, newsletter or website

  • Help with fine-tuning (I’m the son of a master copy editor and bring solid editing/proofing skills to the table) any written piece

  • Writing your biography or auto-biography for mass publication or for a targeted audience.

  • Writing a toast, roast, Best Man’s or other tribute speech

  • Song parodies or poems: You may not hire me to write your Mother’s Day or birthday card, but I’d even give that a go if you insist.

I also do ghost writing, although I’m not sure if I am supposed to talk about these phantom literary efforts.

For any request, I promise my best, unique effort. If for any reason, I cannot handle it, I network with other quality professionals who may be able to serve your needs.

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