Yellowcution – Wednesday’s Wordapod

Yellowcution is an underrated form of public speaking, and one worth taking the time to master. Seriously? Kind of.


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Yellowcution (n) ­–  the ability to speak eloquently while waiting for the traffic light to turn green


Sample Sentence:  Every time I ride in the car with Jose, I can’t wait for the red lights to appear, so I can sit back and marvel at his gift of yellowcution.


Please Note:  Under unusually busy conditions, yellowcution may be employed at stop signs and blinking lights as well. When meteorological conditions are just right, blink verse (please see entry) may be recited as well.




I was startled to learn that my favorite institution of higher learning, Slippery Slope College, offered no classes in yellowcution. I discussed this with Admissions Direction, Phyllis Inonit, on the way to lunch. While waiting for a green light, I demonstrated to Phyllis that I could present quite a case for it, employing speed talking, thinking on my butt, etc.


Asked if she was impressed by my yellowcution, she retorted, “No, not really. While you were busy talking, you ignored the light changing nine times, 18 cars honked at you, 12 ladies, including me, flipped you the bird, and we almost got rear-ended three times.”



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