YEPIDEMIC – Wednesday’s Wordapod

This Wednesday’s Wordapod may be one of the more optimistic ones to be found in my whole creative lexicon. Yepidemic is one of over 250 creative Wordapods to be found in Wordapodia, Volume One: An Encyclopedia of Real Fake Words




Yepidemic (n) a rapidly developing, widespread period of informal agreement between parties


Sample Sentence

The US Congress actually passed a couple of bills during their short-lived yepidemic, but when that period passed, they reverted to their old partisan ways.


Please Note

When a roll call vote passes with at least a 95% majority, it is sometimes referred to as a yepidemic. Some prefer to spell this word “yupidemic,” and that’s okay by me.




Wendi Branaugh is the author of a self-published book that recounts the details of every roll call vote ever taken in the US Senate. Entitled Wake Me When It’s My Turn, the 12,865 page book can be ordered from for only $500.

Ms. Branaugh notes that a Senator once made a motion to adopt the following for their informal roll call votes:  “yep” for yea, “nope” for nay, and “I’m outta here” for not voting. Unfortunately, it was tabled after a lengthy filibuster by a Republican junior senator from Idaho.


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